Slick Anthology

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Mario Kart 7

System: 3DS

Genre: Kart Racing

Release: 12/4/11

Completed: No

I received this game as a gift for Christmas and it was easily the best game I got for Christmas that year (well, maybe Skyrim was better, but that’s neither here nor there). Mario Kart 7 was my second adventure into the handheld Mario Kart series, I had previously played Mario Kart DS and enjoyed that. This game offered up some of the most creative levels I’d seen in the series: bouncing on mushrooms, driving underwater, and, brand new to the series, gliding over maps. The core gameplay is still the same as past games, grabbing items and racing to the finish, and it is still very fun the seventh (or rather nine if you include the arcade exclusive games) time around. Definitely worth a look for 3DS owners and racing fans alike!

Buy this game from Amazon.


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