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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Ghost Trick Phantom Detective Cover

System: DS

Genre: Puzzle

Release: 1/11/11

Completed: Yes

A breath of fresh air in the puzzle genre, Ghost Trick was one of the best DS games I have ever played. It’s the beginning of a strange trend I’ve noticed with so-called “great” games lately: the emphasis gets placed on story. Following Sissel, a recently deceased man who has a short amount of time to discover why he was killed, you unravel a delicious plot centering of murder, treachery, and love. From a gameplay standpoint, you use your “ghost tricks” to move and manipulate certain objects to get people to move around, allowing you access to an important object that gives more insight to your death, while at the same time changing the fate of someone else and saving their life. It’s truly unique, and something that has to be experienced in order to fully grasp. Ghost Trick gets my official seal of approval as one of the best games on the DS.

Read my review of the game here.

Buy this game from Amazon.


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