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Monster Rancher DS

Monster Rancher DS Cover

System: DS

Genre: RPG

Release: 8/3/10

Completed: Partially

The Monster Rancher series is an RPG series in which you discover, raise, and train a collection of monsters to compete in fighting tournaments to be named the best trainer in the land. Yeah, it does sound kind of like Pokemon, but the difference is that instead of finding monsters in the wild, you actually get them from other physical discs. On the PS1/PS2 games, you’d actually swap out the game disc with a CD/DVD/Video Game and a random monster would come out for you to use. Monster Rancher DS obviously cannot swap out discs, but instead you generate monsters by drawing on the touch screen, with different drawings producing different monsters. Sadly, the gameplay is lacking in every department, and the game isn’t as fun as it should be. Probably because it loses a lot not being able to swap out discs. If this is your only means to play the series though, it’s still worth a look.

Read my review of the game here.

Buy this game from Amazon.


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