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Pokemon White Version 2

Pokemon White Version 2 Cover

System: DS

Genre: RPG

Release: 10/7/12

Completed: Yes

For as much as I enjoyed the first Pokemon Black, I thought Version 2 (even the White version) here was a letdown. I was expecting a lot from this one considering it was the first direct sequel to a Pokemon game, but I felt that it didn’t deliver on enough of those expectations. There was only two, I believe, new Pokemon to find (both coming at the end of the game), and the world was the same world explored in the past game, meaning there weren’t many new areas to explore. While most of the characters returned from the past game, the story was still the same old Pokemon story. Nintendo missed its chance to make a grander narrative. But there are plenty of redeeming factors, like solid gameplay the series is known for, some extras that make it the better of the two games (simply because it has more to offer), and a more refined online mode. If you’re going to pick up either White or White 2, you should get White 2 here just because there are additional modes to enjoy. There’s really no reason to own both.

Read my review of the game here.

Buy this game from Amazon.


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