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Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords


System: DS

Genre: Puzzle

Release: 3/20/07

Completed: Yes

Combining the unlikely genres of role playing game and puzzle game, Puzzle Quest is both familiar and unknown. At its core, the gameplay is similar to many other puzzle games: you match up similarly colored gems and items to defeat your opponent. But instead of just playing the puzzle game and enjoying it for its intrinsic qualities, there are RPG elements attached and an epic story to uncover. Each colored sphere removed from the board gives you the appropriately colored mana, and you can use mana to attack your foe with spells. Otherwise you can match up skulls on the board to do direct damage, or line up coins to purchase special items and equipment to use in later battles. The game is highly addictive, not like anything else I’d played, and a really great game to take with you on the go. Seeing as this one is available on just about every portable platform, Puzzle Quest should be played and enjoyed by anyone who owns a DS.

Buy this game from Amazon.


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