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Bust A Move 4

Bust A Move 4 Cover

System: PS1

Genre: Puzzle

Release: 10/31/98

Completed: No


Bust A Move 4 adds more puzzles to the game and a few extra bells and whistles to enjoy (like a pulley system that worked as a set of scales would) but it was all ultimately the same great game. I picked up this game in late 2011, but looking back I can’t see any way of justifying the purchase of this game back in the 90s if you already owned a different version of the game. I mean, it’s all the same type of game, and how many different puzzles can they make that would actually get me excited? It’s like buying multiple versions of Tetris on the same system: it’s all Tetris and I”m not going to buy the same puzzles again. That’s probably why this series began to dwindle…

Buy this game from Amazon.


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