Slick Anthology

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Crash Bandicoot: Warped

Crash Bandicoot Warped Cover

System: PS1

Genre: Platformer

Release: 10/31/98

Completed: No

My personal favorite Crash game, Warped is the result of years of fine tuning the formula and creating a game that capitalizes on everything the PS1 can handle. The final Crash game on the PS1 (as well as the last traditional game in the series developed by creators Naughty Dog) is a great sequel and also one of my first PS1 game experiences. I remember riding my bike down the street to my friend’s house just to watch his older brother play the game. Everything flowed so smoothly, and the shift from the standard view where Crash runs towards or away from the camera to a traditional 2D side scrolling view in the bonus stages was so cool! I also remember the game for having a strong soundtrack as well, so it’s really the whole package.

Buy this game from Amazon.


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