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Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Mix

Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix Cover

System: PS1

Genre: Rhythm/Dancing

Release: 9/18/01

Completed: Yes

The hardest to find DDR game in North America, Disney Mix is DDR with Disney characters and songs, simple as that. The gameplay is largely the same as past DDR titles, just a bit easier due to the target audience being younger gamers. I thought the inclusion of Disney themed songs, characters, and backgrounds was a nice touch. The game itself is just okay and is easily the worst of the PS1 DDR’s because of its dismal song list and general ease.  I spent years searching for this game, saw the game command a $100+ price tag during DDR’s popularity apex, and was rewarded by finally finding the game for $10.

Watch my Modern Classics video of the game here.

Buy this game from Amazon.


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