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Darkstalkers 3

Darkstalkers 3 Cover

System: PS1

Genre: 2D Fighting

Release: 11/18/98

Completed: No

Capcom released quite a few fighting games on the PS1, not the least of which being Darkstalkers 3. Easily the best in the series, Darkstalkers 3 features 2D fighting similar to Capcom’s Street Fighter series, but it also has unique differences. One big difference is the use of EX moves, which was introduced in this series. Also of note, the game plays very similar to Street Fighter, using the same inputs for special moves, utilizing a similar combo system, and even looking the same in terms of colors and character animation. The Darkstalkers series hasn’t been forgotten by Capcom, but it hasn’t been loved either. Fighting game fans will find a lot to love with this game, and it’s worth all the praise it receives.

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