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Diablo (PS1) Cover

System: PS1

Genre: Action/RPG

Release: 3/–/98

Completed: Partially

Blizzard released a few of their PC games on the consoles, and each of these games commands a higher price than normal. Diablo on the PlayStation is one of the hardest to track down of these games and I was exceedingly happy to find it, complete, on the shelf at my local Goodwill (of all places)!! If you needed any reason to justify browsing through thrift store shelves, this is it! Though not nearly as refined as the PC version, Diablo on the PS1 still retains all the gameplay from the PC version, just no online play. In place of an online mode is a two player multiplayer option. It’s still a worthwhile game, but not nearly as recommended if you have a PC. For a collector however it’s a great title to own.

Buy this game from Amazon.


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