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Duke Nukem: Time to Kill

Duke Nukem Time to Kill Cover

System: PS1

Genre: Third Person Shooter

Release: 9/30/98

Completed: No

The Duke Nukem series of shooters has been around for awhile. Time to Kill is sort of like the Adventure of Link of the franchise because it has different gameplay from the rest of the series (namely being a third person shooter instead of a first person shooter). The rest of the spinoff titles are also third person shooters, including the other PS1 title Land of the Babes and the Nintendo 64 game Zero Hour. I was never a big Duke fan, but I have played and enjoyed Duke Nukem 3D/64, and he is an iconic character in the industry, so I felt like I had to do him a favor and pick up this PS1 exclusive. Apparently it sold well enough to earn a Greatest Hits re-release.

Buy this game from Amazon.


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