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Ehrgeiz Cover

System: PS1

Genre: 3D Fighting

Release: 5/4/99

Completed: Yes

Ehrgeiz is known more commonly as the Final Fantasy fighting game. Or at least it was until Square actually madFinal Fantasy fighting game with its release of Dissidia on the PSP. This PS1 title is a beat-em up/fighting hybrid of sorts, kind of like the combat seen in brawlers Die Hard Arcade and Dynamite Cop. The biggest, and arguably best, draw to the game is the inclusion of characters from Final Fantasy VII. Cloud, Sephiroth, Tifa, and more are playable in the cast of characters, which is rounded out by original characters that have strong resemblances to other fighting game characters (like Jin from Tekken, also created by Namco, who made this game). The gameplay is super generic and not too in depth, oftentimes coming across as cheap, but it’s worth playing through for the novelty alone. A definite gem for RPG fans and PS1 collectors!

Buy this game from Amazon.


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