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Gex (PS1) Cover

System: PS1

Genre: Action/Platformer

Release: 12/13/95

Completed: No

Oh Gex! The baddest gecko this side of the Geico mascot, Gex is an icon of sorts in the video game world. My first experience with the scaled one was on the PC. My parents picked up the game and thought I’d like it. They were right! I enjoyed the platforming gameplay, smooth animation, and, most of all, Gex’s trademark sassy comments and pop culture references. I can still recall dialogue from the game! The PS1 port is one of the earliest PS1 games made. Also worth nothing, Gex was originally made for the 3DO of all things. Since the 3DO was doomed from the beginning, Crystal Dynamics did the right thing by porting their successful game to damn near every console imaginable. Looking at the cover art here, I never realized it depicts Gex breaking through the actual packing of the game case itself. But what did I suspect from a hero as cool as Gex?

Buy this game from Amazon.


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