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Gran Turismo 2

Gran Turismo 2 Cover

System: PS1

Genre: Racing

Release: 12/23/99

Completed: No

When the PS1 was in its final months of being relevant and the PS2 was the biggest thing in gaming (AKA 2004), a ton of PS1 games became super cheap at resale shops like GameStop. While I wish these times were still around, the age of PS1 games being abundant to consumers is over. Finding a PS1 game in the wild, even just a loose game, is becoming harder and harder nowadays, and it’s making tracking down even the most common of PlayStation games a chore. Where am I going with this? When I bought Gran Turismo 2 here I picked up one of six or more copies this particular GameStop had in stock, and I paid $1 for it. The game isn’t expensive at all to this day, but I just wanted to share a story on how inexpensive these games were, and how commonplace it was to see them everywhere you went. The good ol’ days…

Buy this game from Amazon.


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