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Legend of Legaia

Legend of Legaia Cover

System: PS1

Genre: RPG

Release: 3/17/99

Completed: No

While browsing the “Similar Games” tab on GameSpot, I came across this RPG. It has all the trimmings of being another solid role playing game on the system: a fantasy setting, great combat, and a solid characters and plot. But I never could find the damn thing! It’s harder to come by the game than most other PS1 titles, but if you browse online sites you can find it for around $30. Or you can wait a decade like I did and possibly find the game for $7 at a used game store that clearly had no idea what they had! The game has a crack in the double-disc jewel case, but no complaints here: The game works fine.

Buy this game from Amazon.


One response to “Legend of Legaia

  1. connorbros 02/10/2013 at 9:20 am

    I loved this game! The battle system of it and the sequel are a lot of fun.

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