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Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete

Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Cover

System: PS1

Genre: RPG

Release: 12/–/00

Completed: No

One of the rarest games in my collection, PS1 or otherwise, I was extremely luck to receive the game from a friend looking to clean house of her games. She was a fan of RPGs and played on the PS1 while growing up like myself. I told her I’d be very interested in picking up her games, and she had this one in her collection of games to go. The game was almost complete, coming with the special edition box, all the extra goodies like the art book and character tokens, but it’s missing the soundtrack (which she thinks she has somewhere else with her CDs). Knowing the game to be a gem amongst collectors, I didn’t feel right just taking the games from here (as was the original deal), so I offered her $40 for the lot (including a few other great finds!). As a collector, knowing people that game is always a good thing: many might be interested in selling their games, and you can be there to swoop them up. I’m not saying I have friends strictly to have an outlet for games, but it’s nice if you can help each other out!

Buy this game from Amazon.


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