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M&M’s Shell Shocked

M&Ms Shell Shocked Cover

System: PS1

Genre: Platformer

Release: 9/28/01

Completed: No

As a general rule of thumb, officially licensed video games of things that are actually popular (like the M&Ms brand here for instance) are collectible. They might not be the most rare finds but they have a collectability to them most other games don’t have. Whether or not the game is actually good is a completely different story. While visiting my girlfriend in California we stopped in a used game store and I found this amongst the owners massive assortment of poorly organized games. Along with five other PS1 titles I got this game for $40. Not the biggest haul of that lot, Shell Shocked actually has me piqued to play at some point. I think the idea of playing as 1) candy and 2) the sassy red M and more dimwitted yellow M as they avoid the terrifying M&M Minis sounds fun. Call me crazy, but I’m genuinely interested.

Buy this game from Amazon.


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