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RPG Maker

RPG Maker Cover

System: PS1

Genre: RPG

Release: 10/2/00

Completed: No

Get a load of that box art! It’s so fitting: a kid (presumably the player) sitting in a director’s chair while basilisks, demons, dragons, and a knight all fight for his attention. It’s the prefect way to depict a game that allows players to create their own role playing games. Admittedly I have not played this game on the PS1, but I have extensively played RPG Maker XP on the PC. Basically the game gives you a set of tools to create characters, enemies, towns, dungeons, and every other aspect of an RPG. It requires more patience than any other game because you have to put in dozens of hours to even make a little bit of leeway in your game. But seeing your creation work in an actual PlayStation game is fantastic. There are other games in the series besides this one, but I’d recommend the PC versions for ease of use, downloadable extras, and plenty of completed games that you can play from the beginning.

Buy this game from Amazon.


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