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Strider 2

Strider 2 Cover

System: PS1

Genre: Platformer/Action

Release: 7/29/00

Completed: Yes

Oh man, I was stoked when I found this gem behind a few other titles at the store for only $6! Hell yeah! That’s such a great deal for the game! Not only that, but the game is still fun! The gameplay is sort of like Spider-Man meets Mega Man X as you jump, climb, and grapple through futuristic environments, taking down ninjas and robots alike. Strider 2 is the sequel to Genesis title Strider, which just so happens to be included on the game’s second disc! Huzzah! Interesting to note, there was a printing error with the game, and the Strider 2 disc actually contains the original Strider, while the Strider disc has Strider 2. Sadly, the excellent series hasn’t seen a further release since this.

Buy this game from Amazon.


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