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Tales of Destiny II

Tales of Destiny II Cover

System: PS1

Genre: RPG

Release: 9/10/01

Completed: Patrially

Tales of Destiny II takes the honor as being one of the few RPGs I ever rented on the original Playstation (the others being Threads of Fate and Final Fantasy IX). I thought the sprawling epic was fantastic, thanks largely in part to the action oriented combat, great use of sound, and characters. An interesting fact about Tales II here: naturally, it’s part of the Tales series of RPGs that is still going strong today. But this game isn’t the sequel to the other popular North American PS1 RPG Tales of Destiny. In Japan, this game was released as Tales of Eternia, but was labeled Tales of Destiny II to tie it in as a series to North American consumers. Then of course an actual sequel of Tales of Destiny did release in Japan called, what else, Tales of Destiny II. This “true” Tales II has yet to be released in North America.  Regardless of all this, Tales II on the PS1 is a great RPG that should belong in any fans collection.

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2 responses to “Tales of Destiny II

  1. connorbros 02/26/2013 at 7:17 pm

    The game that got me hooked on the Tales games. So good.


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