Slick Anthology

A video game collection in blog form… a constant work in progress

WCW: Backstage Assault

WCW Backstage Assault Cover

System: PS1

Genre: Wrestling

Release: 12/12/00

Completed: No

Truth be told I would never have bought this game. The only reason it’s in my collection is that I got it along with NASCAR 2001 when i happened to be given a PS1 system that used to be a rental system for my dorm. Yeah, not sure who would want to ever rent a PS1 when the two games you got with it were NASCAR and WCW. Also as I’m thinking about this, the hall I lived and worked in was built in 2001, meaning the PS2 was likely out when they got the PS1 system to rent. Hmm…

Buy this game from Amazon.


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