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Battle Fantasia

Battle Fantasia Cover

System: Xbox 360

Genre: Fighting

Release: 9/16/08

Completed: Partially

Battle Fantasia is an RPG/fighting game hybrid. What more do you want? Oh, you want anime-esque visuals and a combo system? Done. You want a wacky assortment of characters with equally absurd stories and backgrounds? You got it. An online community as dedicated as Street Fighter‘s? Yeah, the buck stops there, you’re not getting that. Battle Fantasia isn’t a great game and it isn’t a bad game, it’s just meh. I liked the concept behind the game, but as a fighting game alone it’s not as deep as it needs to be. Same goes for the RPG aspects. I would like to see more fighters attempt something like this, but until then Battle Fantasia is an interesting game that you can find on the cheap. The RPG nature of the game leads me to believe it could become collectable in the future.

Buy this game from Amazon.


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