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Bayonetta Cover

System: Xbox 360

Genre: Action

Release: 1/5/10

Completed: Partially

Created by the same guy behind the Devil May Cry games, Bayonetta is a stylish action game with a sexy female lead and a demonic plot. Despite greatly enjoying the PS2 DMC games, I didn’t fall in love with Bayonetta the same way as I did with Dante. The combat was fine, the story was interesting enough, and the visuals were top notch, I just didn’t feel like playing the game for more than four or so hours. Even so Bayonetta remains a game I wish I could just get through and say I completed because so many people love the game and are looking forward to the Wii U sequel coming soon. Perhaps it’s time to give this one another chance. But then again I could just play Devil May Cry

Buy this game from Amazon.


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