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Rayman Rush

Rayman Rush Cover

System: PS1

Genre: Racing

Release: 3/26/02

Completed: No

A stripped down port apparently of Rayman Arena on the PS2! Rayman Rush is really interesting to me: Rayman Arena first came out on the PS2 in Japan (it would later come out in the US). Arena was a multiplayer focused outing for Rayman featuring competitive fighting mode and a racing mode. Before Arena was released in the US, but after it came out in Japan, Rayman Rush was released on the PS1. Rush was a port containing only the racing aspects of Arena albeit with PS1 visuals and whatnot. After Rush came out Rayman Arena was released in the US. This is one of the only instances I know of a game being ported from a newer system to an older one. Oh, and the game didn’t receive good reviews at all.

Buy this game from Amazon.


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