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Tetris Plus

Tetris Plus Cover

System: PS1

Genre: Puzzle

Release: 10/18/96

Completed: No

Another Tetris game on the PS1. As with The Next Tetris also on the system, this game includes a playable version of the original Tetris. It’s even featured on the cover of the game! Anyway, Tetris Plus includes a redone version of the original game as well as a puzzle mode which has you guiding that Mario-like guy on the cover through a grid of blocks to the bottom of the grid. This mode reminds me of a similar mode in the more recent Tetris Party on the Wii, which has you doing essentially the same thing but instead of guiding your little guy to the bottom of the screen you go to the top. Tetris Plus is really just another Tetris game though, so you’re enjoyment of it will likely stem from how much you enjoy Tetris. For me, that’s a lot!

Buy this game from Amazon.


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