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Vandal Hearts

Vandal Hearts Cover

System: PS1

Genre: RPG

Release: 3/27/97

Completed: No

Can you get a more epic cover than Vandal Hearts? There’s a party battling a gigantic dragon on top of a pillar, above the clouds! If that doesn’t make you want to play the game then I don’t know what will. Vandal Hearts is a lesser known RPG on the PS1 and one of the earlier role playing games to come out. For reference, Final Fantasy VII came out around the same time as this one. I think that’s the real reason this game isn’t as well known. Also, interesting to note that the game is rated Mature, something not too common with RPGs. It did spawn a sequel on the PS1 as well, but I haven’t heard anything from the game since.

Buy this game from Amazon.


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