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The World Is Not Enough

The World is not Enough Cover

System: PS1

Genre: First Person Shooter

Release: 11/6/00

Completed: Partially

I’ve played this game on the Nintendo 64 at my friend’s house. Naturally we played it because of the immensely awesome Goldeneye on the N64 and hoped this would be something similar. While it’s definitely a better game than the follow-up PS1 exclusive to Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, TWINE isn’t nearly as great as the N64 original. Funny story though: You begin the game in a bank and have a few mission objective thrown at you. Being a totally new game I didn’t know exactly what button did what so I experimented. What ended up happening what James’ fist going right into the face of the unaware female bank teller in front of me. Oh man… we laughed so hard we cried!

Buy this game from Amazon.


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