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Silent Scope

Silent Scope Cover

System: PS2

Genre: Shooter

Release: 10/23/00

Completed: Yes

Here’s a perfect example of how a game goes from the arcade to the consoles and loses everything that made it standout. Silent Scope in the arcades was a commanding title that was hard to miss: it had a freaking huge sniper rifle controller mounted to the cabinet. Not only was it a functioning light gun, but it had a cool scope you could look down to zoom into the screen and pick off enemies! It was and still is a great game and concept, but without that sniper rifle controller, on the consoles the game isn’t that good. And in a strange twist there isn’t even a supported light gun for the game, meaning you’ll have to line up shots with the controller’s d-pad and analog sticks. Not cool, Konami. Not cool.

Watch my review of the game to see what I mean:

Buy this game from Amazon.


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