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Bulletstorm: Epic Edition

Bulletstorm Epic Edition Cover

System: Xbox 360

Genre: First Person Shooter

Release: 2/22/11

Completed: Partially

Cliff Bleszinski, the brainchild behind Xbox 360 series Gears of War, teamed up with People Can Fly, a development company which is best known for the Painkiller series of surreal first person shooters, to create the action-packed craziness that is Bulletstorm. The game takes a very head-on approach to the shooter. You get bonuses for killing enemies in creative ways (like lassoing them by the legs, flinging them in the air, then shooting off their head and/or limbs), the story is over the top and fun, and the combat is… actually the combat is just average. Bulletstorm was pegged as a more fun version of other shooters by putting more emphasis on action and combat than story. While it is worth it for shooter fans searching for something new, it doesn’t offer enough for casual gamers to remain entertained.

Buy this game from Amazon.


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