Slick Anthology

A video game collection in blog form… a constant work in progress


Slick Anthology is the online catalog of my gaming collection. Here you will find every game in my collection, as well as some information about each game, like how much of the game I’ve played, any interesting stories about the game, and a link to any work I’ve done related to the title. With over 1,000 games already in my ownership (and more added monthly), it goes without saying that this is a work in progress.

I intend for this site to be for more than just flaunting my collection, but also a place for fellow gamers and collectors to reminisce about older titles, find out something new about a game they know and love, as well as expand the knowledge of each gamer browsing through my collection.

As far as the authenticity of this collection, I assure you that each game listed is physically accounted for. I do not collect digitally distributed games (though I play them, frequently, actually), so you will not find pages about these games on Slick Anthology. I also do not collect or promote in any way the use of emulators or sale/use of pirated games. I strongly believe that buying and supporting game developers and companies is the right way to do things, and the only way to keep our wonderful hobby going strong for years to come.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about a game in my collection, something I’ve written, or something I might be interested in looking at. I am always excited to hear about a super awesome story about why this or that game is great, and that’s honestly the way I learn about and buy so many titles.

Game on.

– Jsick






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