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Silent Scope

Silent Scope Cover

System: PS2

Genre: Shooter

Release: 10/23/00

Completed: Yes

Here’s a perfect example of how a game goes from the arcade to the consoles and loses everything that made it standout. Silent Scope in the arcades was a commanding title that was hard to miss: it had a freaking huge sniper rifle controller mounted to the cabinet. Not only was it a functioning light gun, but it had a cool scope you could look down to zoom into the screen and pick off enemies! It was and still is a great game and concept, but without that sniper rifle controller, on the consoles the game isn’t that good. And in a strange twist there isn’t even a supported light gun for the game, meaning you’ll have to line up shots with the controller’s d-pad and analog sticks. Not cool, Konami. Not cool.

Watch my review of the game to see what I mean:

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Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure

Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure Cover

System: PS2

Genre: Sports/Skateboarding

Release: 9/3/03

Completed: Partially

When the Tony Hawk franchise was big, Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure was released. While it seemingly looked like a THPS ripoff, I, like many others, simply passed on the game for such reasons. Years later I acquired a copy of the game and gave it a go. Not only was it a fully realized game, it also uses the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 engine in it’s own gameplay! Because of that it’s a very capable skateboarding game. Toss in the Disney levels, simplified controls and gameplay to appeal to younger gamers, and a nice degree of polish and you’ve got a game that’s worth playing! When compared to Tony Hawk’s more recent gaming efforts, this game looks like the apex of the genre. And it lets you play as Zurg!

Check out the game in action!

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