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Dance Dance Revolution Universe

Dance Dance Revolution Universe Cover

System: Xbox 360

Genre: Rhythm

Release: 2/27/07

Completed: No

Amazingly the 13th home release for the series,¬†Dance Dance Revolution Universe was dead on arrival. Well… maybe not dead, but dying. The series has done nothing but go downhill since the PS2 games (and I’ll even throw in the first Xbox exclusive¬†Ultramix as well), so being that this is many games after it isn’t good at all. I think the series strayed away from what made it great, namely rocking dance beats that were fun to groove to. The final nail in the coffin was the release of Harmonix’s Kinect powered¬†Dance Central series. Since the release of that title and it’s subsequent sequels there’s little reason to even play these games. Perhaps that’s why the game’s cost a few bucks each!

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